The Best Rappers You Don’t Know About

We all know that there’s the mainstream, the underground, and the underground underground. I myself, being the fan of lyricism and lyrical content that I am, have rummaged the internet in my pursuance of unknown rappers who’s careers have had little light shed on them. I have found three rappers imparticular who really wowed me. You may have heard of one of them, maybe two, but probably not all of them. Here are the three best rappers that you don’t know about:

3. The Palmer Squares

A rap group comprised of two artists, Accumental and Terminal Knowledge. They hail from Chicago, and were introduced to the hip hop culture at a young age. Accumental is yet another member of the Wu-Tang fan-turned-rapper group. Term K a little bit of a late bloomer, as he realized his love and passion for writing after becoming an MF Doom fan. The two Chi-Town artists gained much popularity in the underground after appearing in a cypher with Dumbfoundead and Wax in early 2010. They have since released two mixtapes (available on DatPiff) and are currently working on an EP set to release in early 2013. Through a mix of immense lyricism, and an unorthodox look for hip hop artists, The Palmer Squares have caught the attention of many a listener, and are surely not done. They are like nothing I have heard before, and I only wish the best for these two guys.

The Palmer Squares “Broken Language”

2. Rheteric Ramirez

The newest Hellfyre Club Records signee made his way into hip hop through rap battles, but has since gained popularity and was recently featured on Knocksteady’s YouTube channel. Hispanic by heritage, Rhet takes his listeners to a place most rappers don’t through his dark, yet enlightening lyrics and humble appearance and demeanor. He is currently working on his third EP, “Dear Diary”. You can download his first two EPs “LA is for Motherfuckers” and “Machine Gun Cough” on Bandcamp. Ramirez fuses several styles of rap from his fast flow to boom bap to heavy metaphorical content, something not many are talented enough to do. He recently released a single of “Dear Diary” entitled “Break Tha Bank”. If you like listening to music that makes you feel like being a bad ass, odds are you’ll like Rheteric Ramirez.

Rheteric Ramirez “Break Tha Bank”

1. Angry Mic

The least known of these artists, Mic is another New York rapper with immense talent. His style of lyrics are similar to that of Apathy and Copywrite, a certain pissed off, angry, dark style of rap, yet incredibly lyrical. Mic often raps about his personal battles with alcohol and drug abuse, but also says he uses rap as a form of therapy. Formerly known as “Bizonka”, Mic has dropped a trio of tapes titled “Unintended Consequences”, “Intervention”, and “Identity Diffusion” (available on DatPiff) featuring artists such as Kas Solo and Droseph Stalin. It’s hard to find much on Angry Mic, seeing as he seemingly dropped off the face of the Earth after the release of “Intervention” in 2008, but many think he is in jail, while others think he may have died after all the substance abuse. There are also a handful of impostors who pose as Mic saying they’ll be dropping an album soon, only to end up promoting their own (shitty) music. If Angry Mic is alive, I hope he resurfaces sometime soon because when it comes to lyricism, I don’t think there’s many, if any, that are better than him.

Angry Mic “Jitters”


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  1. Corey Farnham says:

    Love all these dudes, Tho i wasnt familiar with Angry Mic until a few days ago. I actually googled him and it brought me here, i show peole PAlmer Squares And Rhetoric Ramirez as well to turn them on to real rap. Glad Someone else out there enjoys em

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