Kanye’s Top 5 Interview Moments

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Like him or not, Kanye West sure is entertaining.

Ever since he released Yeezus, Kanye has seemed like he’s convinced himself that he is true royalty. Holier than thou. A god, even. In Kanye’s world, he is omnipotent, and the rest of us are just mortals.

These beliefs aren’t just in Kanye’s head, either. Oh no. He’s not afraid to let the rest of the world know that he deserves to be compared to some of the most influential figures of all time, like Walt Disney, Steve Jobs, and Michelangelo, to name a few.

Oh yeah, and Jesus Christ.

Kanye’s brash and confident nature have made for some pretty spectacular interviews that have taken place over the past few months. You just never know what the guy is going to say or do, which is what makes it so hard for us to take our eyes off him.  With that in mind, here are the top five interview moments of Kanye West’s career.

5. “How many motherf**kers you done seen with a leather jogging pant?” (skip to 13:15 mark)

Ah, yes. Kanye’s interview with BBC marked the beginning of his series of epic rants on radio and television shows across the country. The hour-long session with Zane Lowe is probably one of the most quotable interviews ever, but this particular moment is the one people remember the most.

Late night television show host Jimmy Kimmel took advantage of this and parodied the moment by having two kids recreate it on his show. Kanye didn’t take kindly to the spoof, and in response took to Twitter to go on another epic rant, calling Kimmel a “manipulative media motherfucker”, among other not-so-nice things.

This led to Kanye making an appearance on Kimmel’s show, where he addressed his Twitter rampage and talked more about himself being a creative genius, etc. etc. Who knew leather jogging pants could cause so much drama?

4. “I’m more like Willy Wonka.” (skip to 4:00 mark)

Kanye made an appearance at the WPGC studios in Washington, D.C., where he was the subject of yet another interview. It appears that at this point, Kanye had grown tired of equating himself to real-life visionaries, because those comparisons were just too believable.

“The worst thing about me comparing myself to Steve Jobs is that, you know, it’s too realistic of an idea,” Kanye said. “What I need to say is I’m more like Willy Wonka.”

Willy Wonka, huh? You mean the fictional children’s book character who makes chocolate? That Willy Wonka? Okay, Kanye. Sure.

3. “I wanted to take white trash t-shirts and make it into a video.” (skip to 20:18 mark)

The always outspoken Charlamagne Tha God and the rest of the Breakfast Club crew finally got to interview Kanye on their Power 105 radio show back in November. Unlike most of the other radio hosts who had interviewed Kanye up to this point, Charlamagne pulled no punches and was completely straightforward with him, asking questions that were on everyone’s mind.

Charlamagne called Kanye out on a number of different things, including the ridiculous music video for “Bound 2”, which he called “terrible.” Kanye gave an interesting explanation for his creative motivation behind the video. He compared it to The Hunger Games, saying he “wanted it to look as phony as possible” while also calling it “performance art.”

“I ain’t got a problem with looking stupid,” he added. Good thing, ‘Ye. ‘Cause the “Bound 2” video might have been just that.

2. “You cannot give me ANY advice!” (skip to 4:18 mark)

This might come as a shock to some of you, but Kanye doesn’t seem to like being told what to do. I could be wrong, but I’m also guessing he doesn’t respond to criticism very well. Just a guess.

He kind of blows up in this interview, going on about how he doesn’t listen to anyone older than him, only younger, because those are the only people who have ideas, and so on and so forth. The best part about this video is the interviewer’s blank stare after Kanye finishes his shouting. But I suppose that’s better than laughing, which is probably what I would’ve done.


You knew this one was coming. Kanye’s interview with Sway on Sway’s radio show is easily the most memorable interview of Kanye’s career. Hell, it may even end up being one of the most memorable interviews of all time.

The drama started when Sway simply asked Kanye why he feels like he has to depend on larger corporations to establish himself in the fashion industry instead of find his own lane and do things independently.

Kanye must not have liked this question very much, because it caused him to absolutely lose his shit. He went off on Sway, screaming “YOU AIN’T GOT THE ANSWERS” over and over again. Sway remained calm but didn’t back down from Kanye, who eventually settled down and apologized. In the days following the interview, Sway posted a clever photo on his Instagram that made light of the incident.


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