2014: Wiz Khalifa is Completely Irrelevant


Hip-hop’s favorite stoner has been getting steadily worse over the past few years since he bursted on the scene with a couple of critically acclaimed mix tapes and the smash single Black And Yellow. Wiz Khalifa is now prepping his third major-label studio album, which is titled Blacc Hollywood.

Khalifa’s first album on a major label, Rolling Papers, was pretty good. In fact, it was an above average debut. It had a couple of catchy radio hits on it, and a few chill jams of the sort that made Wiz so popular. Unfortunately, the success generated from his debut was short lived. He went on to make O.N.I.F.C., which was lackluster.

Khalifa’s sophomore slump is not just a phase, he will continue to get worse as he runs out of content to write about. It’s no secret Wiz loves to rap about smoking weed, which is fine, but only if you can keep it interesting. There can only be so many weed references on an album, and Wiz has tried to combat this by switching up his flow on certain songs like his UOENO freestyle. But Wiz’s original flow on projects like Kush and OJ and Deal or No Deal is what made him so great in the first place.

His friend and fellow marijuana enthusiast Curren$y has found a way to consistently put out fresh projects, while every Wiz song seems repetitive and stale.

Wiz’s first single for Blacc Hollywood is called We Dem Boyz, and it is perfect evidence for his repetitive nature. The majority of the song is Wiz singing, in auto-tune, saying “we dem boyz” and “hold up!” The song is terrible. It’s almost as if Wiz is trying to channel Future on this single, but it fails miserably.

Wiz is at his best when he is rapping over laid-back production and when he keeps his lyrics relatively simple and easy to listen to. He is trending in the wrong direction right now. It started with the song Work Hard, Play Hard, where he sounds as if he is trying to be someone he’s not. That continues on the song We Dem Boyz. The core Khalifa fans do not want to hear Wiz yelling and crooning in auto-tune, but the Taylor Gang general continues to stray from his comfort zone and make terrible tunes.

2014 is the year Wiz Khalifa fades to black and struggles to regain relevancy in hip-hop. Khalifa’s departure has been a long time coming. Time and time again he failed to revitalize his music, and settled with making radio records that anyone could come up with.

He is no longer contributing to the culture, and it is time for Wiz to take some time off from music, in hopes of finding his roots again, and redefining his image.

Written by Guru Mac

Guru Mac

Writer & Contributor for TheHipHopGuru.com

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