10 Best Hip-Hop Songs To Listen To When Pissed Off

Are you as pissed off as I am at the moment? You are? Great. Then let’s cut to the chase. There’s nothing more pleasant than a rapper shouting down the mic (subliminal Meek shot?) reflecting their anger in a track. Here are my top 10 Hip-Hop songs to listen to when pissed off.

#10. The Notorious B.I.G & Diddy- Victory

What more to pump your anger than Diddy thrash talking with BIG adlibing in the background? The rap mogul & his ‘Hitmen’ production team orchestrated a track that to this date could still sell in the current music market. Echoed by the haunting trumpets, the song also features Busta who isn’t shy to let off some steam on the hook.

#9. DMX- Fuck Ya’ll

I think this one’s pretty much explains itself.

#8. RZA- Fatal

Whether your pissed off at a vampire or human, Fatal is a gritty track that’ll definitely bless your ears when you are irritated. RZA’s deep voice echo’s throughout the track & provides it with a dimension that genuinely links the track to the film. Feeling extra pissed off today? Stick on the last verse on the loudest volume possible. *Warning* Vampires, stay away.

#7. Ludacris- Excuse me miss, may I please walk past you?

There was no way I was leaving this off the list. Whether you’re pissed off at a female or just slow walkers in a shopping mall, this is one that’ll have you barging past people like your a linebacker for the Seahawks. Don’t the afro fool you, Luda goes in on everyone that literally gets in his way. Move Bitch is still a banger in the South to date.

#6. Public Enemy- Fight The Power

Whether your pissed off at your government or your pet dog, Public Enemy bring a timeless track to the table who’s afrocentric lyrics motivate you to get even more pissed off, regardless of your race. The social aspect of the song is perfect if pissed off and listening with friends.

#5. Lil Wayne Ft Eminem- Drop The World

Album? Meh. Track? Wow. One of the reasons why this made it onto my top 10 is due to the amount of energy you gain from it. Weezy’s energetic hook & Em’s ‘angry’ flow works excellently to provide the song with a perfect finale.

#4. Meek Mill- Dreams & Nightmares

Hold up wait a minute? Ya’ll thought I was finished? When I first heard this, I was so engaged with the melody of the piano to then be suddenly surprised by a nasty bassline with Meek killing it. Beat Bully (producer) has also produced some bangers like Stay Schemin’, House Party & So Sophisticated. It’s great chemistry between the artist & producer to creatively switch up the beat. Great track to listen to if you’re pissed off.

#3. Eminem- The Way I Am

Never shy of controversary, Em decideds to confront all his critics regarding his personal & professional life. This is a track where the anger & passion and it’s reflective in his voice. Are you pissed off? Stop what you’re doing and listen to this track. Are you still pissed off? Good.

#2. DMX- Party Up (Up In Here)

As mentioned with the previous DMX track, this one is pretty self explanatory.

#1. 2Pac- Hit Em Up

Are you surprised? Arguably the greatest diss track of all time, ‘Pac brings the venom that seals the nails in the coffin for the East Coast. Accompanied by his group ‘The Outlawz’, 2Pac calls out Puffy, Biggie, Lil Cease, Mobb Deep, Lil Kim, Chino XL & also Jay-Z (on the original version of the record). 2Pac’s group member Hussein Fatal told ‘Pac to remove the Jay-Z diss as he thought Jay hadn’t done anything wrong. This is quite possibly the perfect song to listen to when you are pissed off.

Guru Shiva Fact: Eminem’s ‘The Way I Am’ is one of raps only songs to rely heavily on anapestic tetrameter— four anapestic feet (da da DUM) per line. The entire track except the hook uses this meter.
Anapestic tetrameter is more familiar from comic poetry, like Twas the night before Christmas, Yertle the Turtle, and other Doctor Seuss stories.

Did I miss any obvious songs out? Is Hit Em Up the greatest diss track of all time? let us know at @HipHopsGuru

– Guru Shiva

Written by Guru Shiva

Guru Shiva

Writer & contributor for TheHipHopGuru.com

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  1. Anony Mus says:

    3 of these songs i already listened to when i was pissed… good list

  2. michael says:

    nas – ether…not on here somehow

  3. NWA – Straight Outta Compton

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